The fox in charge of the henhouse

Letting politicians manipulate voting maps is like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. Politicians in power shouldn’t be allowed to draw voting maps that benefit themselves. We need to reform the rules and create a fair system so that voters are choosing the politicians, instead of politicians choosing their voters.


Politicians shouldn’t meet secretly in backrooms to make decisions out of the public eye, but that’s what’s happening in the current redistricting process. Politicians are manipulating voting maps behind closed doors without accountability. In order to curb corruption and hold politicians accountable, we need to pull back the curtain on the process of drawing districts.

Will of the people

In America, elections are supposed to represent the will of the people, not politicians. But partisan politicians manipulate voting maps to keep themselves and their party in power. We need to reform the rules so that the people can have a voice, and to ensure our government is of, by and for the people.

Votes matter

When you take the responsibility to do your civic duty and vote, you want your vote to count. But when politicians cheat and manipulate the voting maps, they’re basically fixing election outcomes in advance. Election Day is when we get to have our say, and we need to reform the rules so every vote matters.